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News & Events

13 December 2017 In News & Events

A meeting of the Academic Council, Qurtuba University of Science & IT was held on 27th November, 2017, at 9:30 am in the Conference Room of Peshawar Campus at Hayatabad.

The following attended the meeting:

  1. Prof Dr. Muhammad Riaz Khan,                                Chairman        

                  Dean, Faculty of Sciences & IT                     

  1. Prof Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Khan,                         Member

                  Dean, Faculty of Engineering

  1. Prof Dr. Wazim Khan,                                                Member

                 Dean, Faculty of Education   

  1. Prof Dr. Mir Kalan Shah,                                            Member

                 Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. Dr. Abdul Hamid Khan,                                             Member

                HOD, Linguistics & Literature Deptt

  1. Prof Dr. Musa Kaleem,                                               Member

                HoD, Sciences & IT Deptt

  1. Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad,                                         Member

                HoD, Islamic Studies Deptt

  1. Dr. Kashif Amin,                                                        Member

                Director QEC

  1. Prof Dr. Muhammad Ilyas,                                         Member

               Sciences & IT Deptt

  1. Prof Dr. Gulzar Ali Khan,                                          Member

               Science & IT Deptt

  1. Prof. Dr. Zahir Jang Khattak,                                     Member

              Linguistic & Literature Deptt

  1. Prof. Dr. Sheda Muhammad,                                      Member

              Linguistic & Literature Deptt

  1. Prof Dr. Ghulam Mustafa,                                          Member

              Political Science & IR Deptt

  1. Prof Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz Khan,                          Member

              Management Sciences Deptt

  1. Prof Dr. Sahib Islam,                                                  Member

              Islamic Studies Deptt

  1. Dr. Shams-ur-Rahman,                                               Member

              Asstt Prof, Management Sciences Deptt

  1. Mr. Imran Khan,                                                         Member

             Asstt Prof, Management Sciences Deptt

  1. Syed Anwaar Hussain,                                               Member

             Asstt Prof, Sciences & IT Deptt

  1. Mr. Azmat Ullah Khan,                                              Secretary


09 December 2017 In News & Events


Conference Venue: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Campus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Conference Date: 9-10 December 2017

 The conference mainly focuses but not limited to four broad areas. The themes of the conference are as follows:

 1.Advances in Managing Operations and Sustainability

2. Emerging Issues in Economics and Finance

3. Future of Marketing and Management

4. Global Development in Humanities, Education and Civilization

 Mr. Saif-ul-Islam, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dr. Saima Batool, HoD Management Sciences, Qurtuba University are in Malaysia for the said conference. 

24 November 2017 In News & Events

Achievement of Qurtuba University
Qurtuba University of Science & IT Proudly announces admission in PhD Islamic Studies. Last Date for Form Submission is: 30th Nov, 2017
Test Date: 5th Dec, 2017

Note: Admission Form is available online as well. Candidates can get admission form via the following link: