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To be among the leading business school of Pakistan by promoting quality education and excellence in research
Course Contents

Future / Strategic Plan



As a business school we intend to produce just, competent and trustworthy leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and scholars through the enhancement of quality education.


a)To be among the first priority of business education seekers

b)To produce quality leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and scholars

c)To eradicate grinding poverty by fostering education and producing quality manpower.

d)To ensure peace and prosperity by imparting quality education to our youth.

e)To develop liaison with industrial organizations & business firms.

f)To cultivate a tolerant, kind and considerate leadership that could ensure socio-economic justice in our state and society.

g)To focus on quality education so that we could catch up with an advanced countries of the world.

h)To inspire and motivate students for higher studies and learning, so that we could fill the gap of intellectual and moral leadership in our society.

Learning outcomes/ Key Skills Of MBA Program:

•To develop the current understanding of business and management and to become a self-learner towards acquiring the skills and competences required to successfully manage organizations at various levels.

•Communicate through advanced oral and written skills essential for continuous growth and success of organization while taking account of the socio-cultural considerations.

•To create dynamic managerial leaders who can steer organizations toward success through exhibition of high ethical standards and belief in self and others.

•To produce individuals possessing managerial skills and attitudes who can direct and control employees at various levels of organizations.

•Produce manager who can conceptualize problems and devise solutions through interpreting and analysing existing or new data through a variety of tools.

Learning outcomes/ Key Skills Of BBA Program:

•Acquire a broader and in depth understanding of the issues involved in successfully managing organizations through theory and practical exposure.

•To comprehend the basic communication skills required for professional conduct in organizational and social context.

•To produce industrious graduates with positive attitude and optimistic perspective that can be achieved through hard work and unwavering commitment.

•To inculcate necessary attitudes and skills to become more productive employees by following disciplined approach to life. •Produce graduates who can understand the business problems and propose scientific solutions for implementation

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