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QU promoted to ‘W3’ Category by HEC

Qurtuba University of Science & IT has been awarded ‘W3’ Category by the Higher Education Commission  in the new ranking system and has placed Qurtuba University in the top ranked universities of the country, which is a recognition of the efforts made by the University to provide quality education to its students.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 00:00

QU ranked 3rd in Science & IT

It is a matter of great jubilation that HEC has ranked Qurtuba University as the third best University in Pakistan, in the Computer Sciences and IT. Dr. Javed R. Laghari, Chairperson of the HEC, congratulated the university on this superb achievement and said that since the ranking was based on the QS World Universities Ranking model, therefore they see a strong possibility that Qurtuba University, may secure a more strong position amongst the country's best universities in the QS ranking.

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Convocatoin 2013

Saturday, 13 April 2013 04:27


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Qurtuba University has the vision of developing a broad band of committed professionals imbued with the traits of professional honesty, excellence, efficiency and commitment to cause who are prepared to contribute to socioeconomic uplift of the country. The university consists of two campuses.

i) D.I.Khan (Main campus)
ii) Peshawar (Constituent campus).

Both the campuses are separately recognized and are placed in category ‘W’ by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Qurtuba University of Science and Information Technology was established with the sole purpose of imparting quality education in the various fields of science and I.T.

The target areas are educationally backward areas of this country. By the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH, we have achieved our objects as many of the students are coming for admission from far flung areas of the country. The single most objective of this university has been the accomplishment of high academic standards with full emphasis on moral excellence.

In view of our concerted efforts, HEC has raised our category to W-3. This is a highest category in the ranking of universities of the private sector of the country. Recently the Department of Management Sciences got unique honor of getting “X1” category by the National Business Education Accreditation Council of HEC for BBA and MBA programs. Similarly, the Department of Computer Science has also been recognized by the Accreditation Council of this subject.

All this has been possible due to our everlasting endeavors of both highly qualified teaching and administrative staff and the most refined students of this university.
Improvement of library has been the regular feature since its inception of Qurtuba Education System. Many new titles have been added to the University Library and now it has the relevant books needed for the programs offered in this University. The computer laboratories have an atmosphere for all kinds of research in various fields of studies with the help of internet services. With wireless internet facility, we have an access to digital library of HEC where one can get requisite information of academic nature. We are proud to announce that HEC and Law BAR Council have allowed us to start 5-year (10 Semester) LL.B. program which is commencing from this session. Besides, new program like M.Sc. in the subjects of Physics and Chemistry and 4 Years (8 Semester)  BS in Physics has also been started.
In the broader perspective and recognition of University internationally, we are in the process of developing linkage programs with some of the leading foreign universities.
Qurtuba University has a unique honor of starting M.Phil& Ph.D. classes in the fields of Management Sciences, International Relations, Political Sciences, Education, Urdu, English, Mathematics, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies. These programs will not only strengthen the faculty of the university but will also help in solving the lingering problems, which hinder the pace of development of the area in various fields through quality research. It is our belief that teaching and research transform the mind and integrate not only the individual but also the whole nation. Teaching and research Institutes/Universities, we presume, determine the future of a nation.


Prof. Dr. Hameedullah Khan Alizai

Vice Chancellor

Welcome to Qurtuba University of Science and Information Technology D.I.Khan. The founder of this University, late Abdul Aziz Khan Niazi, has said that our university represents a continuation of the great and noble virtue of learning that distinguished Islamic civilization in its Golden Age which started from Qurtuba Spain back in 711 AD.

Centuries ago, science and invention had the power to transform human lives. Today, in the twenty-first century, Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology is extending the frontiers of scientific understanding and discovering the technologies of tomorrow. We are working hard with our qualified faculty and researchers to help realize our province vast potential as a diversified and knowledge-based economy. We will be attracting and nurturing future generations of engineers, technologists, innovators and entrepreneurs, to contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future for Pakistan.


I invite you to learn more about us. Please read the objectives and aims of the newly established Engineering Program. Enjoy tour of our breathtaking campus  with its outstanding scientific facilities along-with its Islamic style architectural building.


Maj. (R) Dr. Abdul Hafeez Khan Niazi




Saturday, 09 March 2013 00:00

Meeting of Board of Governors

The 9th meeting of Board of Governor’s was held on 9th March, 2013 at the university’s Peshawar campus. It was attended by Prof. Dr. Abdul Mateen khan, Prof. Dr. Muhammad said, Prof. Dr. Khan Bahadur Marwat, Prof. Dr. Lutfullah Kakakhel, Prof. Dr. G.A. Miana, Prof. Dr.Muhammad Saleem, Dr. Fakhr – Ul – Islam, Dr.Muhammad Azhar Khan Niazi, Mr. Abdul Hafeez Khan Niazi, Mr. Faisal Khan Niazi, Prof. Dr. Hameed ullah Khan Alizai (Vice – Chancellor), Mr. .Sher Bahadur (secretary / Registrar). Our worthy President Dr. Muhammad Zulfiqar Khan Niazi presided over the meeting. The meeting commenced with the recitation from the Holy Qur’an .Welcoming the distinguished participants, he recapitulated comprehensively on the genesis of the university encompassing the various phases it passed through and ordeals it confronted with in reaching the climax of W3 category_ W4 being the highest. Special mention was also made by the chair of the two journals – one quarterly and other biannually with encrypt pride with recognition by the Higher education Commission . Rich tributes were paid to the late founder, Prof.Abdul Aziz Khan Niazi, whose untiring efforts made the dream of university an envious reality. May his soul rest in peace in his eternal abode. The president adumbrated the participant members of the various laurels our university amassed during course of its journey. The previous BOG’s meeting proposals and suggestions came under discussion and members expressed their satisfaction on the goals achieved. The Annual report under review 2012-2013 was presented by our Registrar Mr. Sher Bahadur, who got approved almost all items. Various suggestions were put forth by the members for inculcating them in the objectives and mission of our university, worth noting being naming a Hall in the memory of Founding Father, Late Abdul Aziz Khan Niazi and a plaque inscribing on the hall with his glorious achievements. The participants also suggested that a scholarship entitled, Founder Prize be instituted, for the deserving and meritorious students to give exposure to the university’s Philanthropic and altruistic approach. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to and from the Chair.