Knowledge as power is a strong actor of both social and moral change. It is the only soLate Prof. Abdul Aziz Khan Niaziurce and reason of man’s ascendency over all other creatures. Only knowledge based civilizations can survive and keep on developing in the run. Keeping in view the importance of knowledge for all art human development, the QES was founded in the early eighties with the establishment of a primary school.

With the blessing of Allah Almighty the system has expanded horizontally from Peshawar to D.I.Khan and vertically from elementary school to university campuses within a short span of thirty years. Since its inception, the system has been working successfully towards the attainment of excellence in academics and in character building, with special focus on strengthening our social-moral values.

The system has improved through continued struggle and is endeavoring to inculcate in its students adherence to our values, total commitment to the spirit of inquiry and logic, dedication to serve the home-land with zeal, zest and devotion. The system continues to strive for initiating and maintaining the best possible learning friendly environment, with emphasis on exploring and promoting students' talent enabling them to show enviable performance in the field of academics, research and service to mankind.

I hope that Qurtuba Education System, will one day revive our illustrious academic traditions of the past and will prove as the cradle of knowledge and research for Pakistan in particular and ummah in general. I am fully convinced that we have immense human resources with requisite talent to realize the vision.
I pray to Allah, The Almighty, to bless us with understanding, empower us with courage and equip us with skills to fulfill our mission and enable us to regain our glorious past and pride.(Ameen)

Prof. Abdul Aziz Khan Niazi (late)

To establish a knowledge-based, tolerant and progressive society that may struggle for the establishment of a just socio-moral order in our state/society.

To help our youth in the acquisition of academic and moral excellence to help them follow their quest for inquiry so that they may know the truth which, in turn, will emancipate them from ignorance & enable them for submission to God and service to mankind.

Man, we believe, is created as a vicegerent of Allah in this world. As an out-pouring mercy of Allah, he has been endowed with knowledge to fulfill his responsibilities as His vicegerent. Now knowledge is of two kinds: (1) Acquisitional knowledge and (2) Revelational knowledge . For acquisitional knowledge, the potentials (such as Eyes, Ears, Head and Heart) are laid into the human constitution, while revelational knowledge (that is the wisdom and values) is communicated to him by the Holy Quran through His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Knowledge and Education, we are convinced, are meant to train man for the fulfillment of his duties (as His vicegerent) in this world. In an ideal system of education both these forms of knowledge should be dovetailed wherein wisdom (revelational guidance) should supervise our acquisitional knowledge (i.e. Knowledge gained through natural and social Sciences). In Qurtua System of Education our primary objective, is to struggle for the realization of this ideal form of education. The Ultimate objectives are:

  • To give value to each individual's right to develop his/her full potential in every respect.
  • To provide an effective system of personal care and academic support.
  • To encourage students to seek academic and moral excellence.
  • To prepare students for creative and constructive thinking.
  • To encourge the spirit of tolerance and understanding of other cultures, races, faiths and classes.
  • To prepare students for optimum public service.
  • To produce responsible citizens and dynamics leadership for the country.

Qurtuba University of Science and Information Technology is one of the pioneer private sector Universities of Khyber PakhtunKhwa Pakistan. The University was established through a charter issued by the Governor (K.P) on 30th August 2001 and is recognized by the Higher Education commission (former UGC), Islamabad.

The University has been working sincerely towards the attainment of character-building and cultivate in its students the quest for inquiry so that they may extend the frontiers of knowledge & be able to bring peace & prosperity to the country. Our goal is to revive the memories of the city of Cordova, known as “Madinat-Ul-Ilm”. This city was known as the cradle of knowledge and research for centuries. European scholars & students also thronged to this seat of learning & acquired specializations in various fields of knowledge.

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