Sports Week at DI Khan

The sports week began with an opening ceremony on 2/26/2018, Registrar, MrAzmat Ullah Khan and other senior staff members inaugurated the event. Sports week started from 2/27/2018 to 3/3/2018, Students from different department participated with zeal and enthusiasm, in the Cricket, Volley ball, Badminton and Table Tennis at D.I.Khan Sports Complex.

Mr Amir Ullah Burki and MrMahadJehangir were main organizers of the event, while, MrAbid Ullah, Mr Ehsan Owais and Mr Salman Qamar managed smooth conduct of Cricket.

Mr Muhammad Nabeel, MrMalik Farhan and MrMuhammad Imran organized matches of badminton.

Mr Anwar Ullah arranged and managed the Volly Ball matches.

Table Tennis was managed by MrMahad and Mr Amir Ullah Barki.

The following day all the Teacher took the role of sports leader and organized the games for the students to play. It was pleasure to watch the interaction between the students. As well as sporting skills that students show in this sports week.

Winning Teams

1. Cricket: Winners, “The Professionals” from LLB and BCS

   Runner Up “ Electrical 2nd

 2. Volley Ball: Winner : “ The Volly Ball Zalmi” From BCS 3rd

   Runner Up: Civil 4th

3. Badminton Single: Winner: Muhammad Ashraf Farid from BBA 3rd

   Runner Up: Malik Adnan from LLB 7th

4. Badminton Double    Winners: Muhammad Aqib & Malik Adnan from LLB 7th

   Runner Up: Muhammad Ashraf Farid & Rashid from BBA &B.Com 3rd

5. Table Tennis: Winner: Muhammad Hamza Qureshi From BSc Civil 6th

   Runner Up: Taimoor from BSc Civil 6th