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Volume: 14 ,Number: 2
April-June , 2020

1. Title:  Impact of Leverage, Dividend Payout and Family Ownership on Value of the Firm: Role of Growth Opportunity as a Moderator
Authors: Muhammad Abbas , Farzand Ali Jan ,

2. Title:  Entrepreneurial Passion and Intention: Creativity and Perceived Behavioral Control as Mediators
Authors: Malik Jawad Saboor , Iqra Yousaf , Adil Paracha ,

3. Title:  Computational Analysis of China-Pakistan FTA in a GTAP Modeling Framework: A Dis aggregated Approach
Authors: Ashfaq Khan , Atta ur Rahman ,

4. Title:  Talent Management Practices and Organizational Commitment Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction
Authors: Badshah Hussain , Kashif Amin ,

5. Title:  Does Self-Awareness help in reducing Work Stress Caused by Work Overload and Role Conflict?
Authors: Imran Rafiq , Naveed ,

6. Title:  Financial Stability and Competitiveness of Commercial Banks in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis
Authors: Bilal Sarwar , Noor Muhammad , Usman Azhar ,

7. Title:  Managing Assets-Liabilities to maximize stakeholders’ wellbeing in Divine milieu with Pakistan evidences: A Qualitative approach
Authors: Abdul Rehman Sajid , Kashif Ur Rehman ,

8. Title:  The Socio-economic Determinants of Remittances in Pakistan: Evidence from District Bannu
Authors: Ijaz Majid , Fareed Ullah Shah ,

9. Title:  Can Stock Returns in Pakistan be Reasonably Forestalled? Employing the Box-Jenkins Approach to Uni-variate Arima Analysis
Authors: Mustafa Afeef , Fayaz Ali Shah , Shahid Jan Kakakhel ,

10. Title:  The Income Tax Impact on Macroeconomic Indicators: A CGE Inquest for Pakistan Economy
Authors: Ghulam Moeen-ud-Din , Arshad Ali Bhatti , Hasnain Abbas Naqvi ,

11. Title:  External Debt and Public Investment: A Case Study of Pakistan
Authors: Minhaj-ud-Din , Muhammad Azam Khan , Muhammad Tariq ,

12. Title:  Stock Prices and Exchange Rate Relationship Puzzle: A Case of Asian Markets
Authors: Nazakat Hussain , Muhammad Bilal , Salman Ali Qureshi ,