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About JMS

The Qurtuba Journal of Managerial Sciences is an international journal dedicated to advancing the understanding of the intricacies of management in private and public sector through empirical investigations and theoretical analyses. The Journal of Managerial Sciences provides an international forum for dialogue between researchers, thereby improving the understanding of the nature of management in different cultural settings and promoting the transfer of research results to respective communities.

Editorial Board:

  1. Mr. Saiful Islam (Editor in Cheif)
  2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Khan (Editor)
  3. Mr. Irshad Ahmad Yousafzai (Assistant Editor)

Advisory Board:

  1. Dr. Adeel Malik (Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Marston Road, Oxford, UK)
  2. Dr. Rabaah Binti Tudin (UCSI University, Kuching Campus, Sarawak, Malaysia)
  3. Dr Hammad Akbar (University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom)
  4. Prof. Dr Jamal Abdul Nassir Shaari (University Sains Islam, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia)
  5. Prof. Dr. Mohd Rafi Bin Yaacob (University of Malaysia Kelantan, Kelantan, Malaysia)
  6. Prof. Dr. Hassan Mobeen Alam (Hailey College of Commerce, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan)
  7. Prof. Dr. Mushtaq A. Sajid (University of Management Sciences and Information Technology, Kotli, AJ&Kashmir, Pakistan)