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Volume: 13 ,Number: 4
October – December , 2019

1. Title:  Impact of Instrumental Climate on Workplace Bullying and Post Traumatic Stress: The Moderating Role of Type A Personality
Authors: Alia Ahmed ,

2. Title:  Transformational Leadership as the Predictor of Decision-Making Styles: A Survey of Local Government District DI Khan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan
Authors: Qudratullah Khan , Allah Nawaz ,

3. Title:  A Need for Linking Universities Curriculum with China Pakistan Economic Corridor
Authors: Fahad Khan Afridi , Saima Urooj ,

4. Title:  Factors Affecting Cash Holdings: The Empirical Evidence of Non-Financial Firms
Authors: Lala Rukh , Shafiq ur Rehman ,

5. Title:  Role of PsyCap in Job Satisfaction and Intention to Leave: A Survey of Faculty from Higher Education Institutions in D.I. Khan
Authors: Muhammad Adeel , Allah Nawaz , Muhammad Imran ,

6. Title:  Linkage between Gross Fixed Capital Formation, Trade Deficit, exchange Rate and Economic Growth of Pakistan
Authors: Salma Zahir , Zainab Rehman ,

7. Title:  Forecasting Demographic Data of Pakistan: A Comparative Study of Time Series Models & Population Projection Methods
Authors: Amjad Ali , Raza Ahmed Khan , Dost Muhammad Khan ,

8. Title:  Corporate Governance, Working Capital Management and Firm Risk: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)
Authors: Safdar Husain , Muhammad Rizwan Ullah , Furqan Tahir , Ayesha Afzal , Sadia Liaqat ,

9. Title:  Evidence of Moderating Role of Organizational Culture among Strategic Alliances and Organizational Performance
Authors: Adil Tahir Paracha , Soban Mahmood , Malik Jawad Saboor , Summera Malik ,

10. Title:  Pakistani Mutual Fund Performance: the demonstration of Multifactor Assets Pricing Models
Authors: Yasir Khan , Naveed , Alam Rehman ,

11. Title:  Psychological Capital and Career Success: Mediating Role of Subjective Well-Being
Authors: Uzma Gilani , Jahanvash Karim , Sirajud Din ,

12. Title:  Reformation of the Practices regarding Risk Management in Specialized Financial Institutions of Pakistan: Modified Structure for Regulatory Compliance
Authors: Mirza Muhammad Ali Baig , Shazia Kauser , M. Khyzer-bin-Dost ,

13. Title:  Work-Life Balance and Turnover Intention of Bankers: Moderating Role of Cognitive Style
Authors: Bela Kundi , Muhammad Zahid Awan ,

14. Title:  Does the Tactful play of Emotions Breed Positive Job Outcomes?
Authors: Maria Khalid , Arshad Zaheer , Nida Abbas ,

15. Title:  The Role of High Performance Work System on Organizational Performance: Mediating Role of Workplace Bullying
Authors: Ali Asad , Moniba Noor , Shazia Ashraf , Sidra Tariq ,

16. Title:  Evaluating the Role of Executive Management in Risk Governance Perspective: A Case of Banking Industry of Pakistan
Authors: Muhammad Bilal , Muhammad Nehal Hussain , Salman Ali Qureshi , Hassan Raza , Ali Raza ,

17. Title:  Credit Scoring Model for Retail Banking Sector in Pakistan
Authors: Arif Hussain , Muhammad Khan , Shams Ur Rehman , Aaiya Khattak ,

18. Title:  Buffering Effect of Perceived Organizational Support on the Relationship between Perceived Over-qualification and Job Satisfaction.
Authors: Muhammad Imran Khan , Yasir Hayat Mughal , Sajid Rehman Khattak ,

19. Title:  Shari’ah Compliant Corporate Governance
Authors: Samza Fatima , Muhammad Bilal , Muhammad Ishtiaq ,

20. Title:  Internationalization of Higher Education from the Perspective of Educational Leadership
Authors: Asma Gul , Samina Malik , Nabi Bux Juman , Sajjad Hussain ,