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Volume: 14 ,Number: 1
January-March , 2020

1. Title:   Problems and Prospects of Honey Value chain in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Grounded Theory Analysis
Authors: Aimal , Muhammad Junaid , Shakeel Khan ,

2. Title:   Effects of Cultural Intelligence on Job Performance among Expatriates in Pakistan
Authors: Sadaf Naushad , Abdul Majid ,

3. Title:   The Mediating Role of Brand Attachment in Pakistan's Higher Education Sector
Authors: Muhammad Shafiq Gul , Farzand Ali Jan , Kashif Amin ,

4. Title:  Team Conflicts as Mediator in the relationship between Team Diversity and Team Performance: Empirical Evidence from Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan
Authors: Shahid Abbas Malik , Wisal Ahmad , Mehboob-Ur-Rashid ,

5. Title:  : Whether Capital Asset Pricing Model Matters: Pakistani Banking Sector
Authors: Umar Nawaz Kayani , Syed Bashir Hussain , Sumaira Nawaz ,

6. Title:   Government Expenditure Composition and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
Authors: Zia Ur Rehman , Muhammad Azam Khan , Muhammad Tariq ,

7. Title:   Comparative Study of Factors influencing the choice in Area of Specialization among Management and Social Science students at University Level
Authors: Nauman A. Abdullah , Mamoona Ashraf ,

8. Title:   Instructional Leadership at Government Secondary Schools: An Analytical Study
Authors: Itbar Khan , Mohammad Hanif Khan , Nazia Saeed ,

9. Title:   Impact of Affective, Normative and Continuous Commitment on Organizational Performance: A Study of Private Banks
Authors: Imran Khan ,

10. Title:   Impact of Entrepreneurial Leadership on The Performance of Higher Education
Authors: Nasir Shaheen , Muhammad Idris , NasirAhamd ,