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Qurtuba University offers different scholarships in all its programs such as:

1.     Founder Award Scholarship
2.     Merit Scholarship
3.     Rose Foundation Scholarships (for Chitral Students Only)
4.     Worker Welfare Board (WWB) Scholarships
5.     NTS Merit Base Scholarship
6.     HEC Indigenous Scholarship
7.     FATA Students Scholarship


NTS Merit Base Scholarship

1.  Free scholarships (100% of Tuition Fee) to 1st position holders of National Boards and Universities. The position must have been scored during the last one year. However, 2nd and 3rd position holders are entitled to 50% and 30% scholarships in their tuition fees, respectively.


1.    At one time, only one concession is admissible, the scholarship will be admissible for one subsequent semester only.

2.    The university regrets that no concession is offered to the students on account of their siblings already enrolled in any branch of the Qurtuba Education System.

3.    Scholarship will be offered to every class which fulfills the above criteria. A class for the purpose would be combined in the morning sections as well as evening sections of the same program in the same semester and program.