Eligibility: F.A / F.Sc or equivalent

1st Semester
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
1st Semester
EDU101 Functional English l (3CH)
EDU102 Islamic Studies (2CH)
EDU103 Child Decelopment (3CH)
EDU104 Urdu (3CH)
EDU105 General Science (3CH)
EDU106 General Methods of Teaching (3CH)
2nd Semester
EDU111 Functional English ll (3CH)
EDU112 Computer Literacy (3CH)
EDU113 Classroom Managemant (3CH)
EDU114 General Maths (3CH)
EDU115 Pakistan Studies (2CH)
EDU116 Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies (3CH)
3rd Semester
EDU 201 Teaching Literacy Skills (3CH)
EDU202 Art. Crafts & Calligraphy (3CH)
EDU203 Teaching of Urdu (3CH)
EDU204 Teaching General Science (3CH)
EDU205 Instructional & Communication Technology in Education (2CH)
EDU206 Teaching Practice (3CH)
4th Semester
EDU211 Classroom Assessments (3CH)
EDU212 Teaching of English (3CH)
EDU213 Teaching of Maths (3CH)
EDU214 Teaching of Social Studies (2CH)
EDU215 School Community & Teacher (3CH)
EDU216 Teaching Practice (3CH)
5th Semester
EDU301 Tech Writing & Presentation skills (3CH)
EDU302 Foundation of Education (3CH)
EDU303 Cotent Course l (3CH)
EDU304 Content Course ll (3CH)
EDU305 Curriculum Development (3CH)
EDU306 Educational Psychology (3CH)
6th Semester
EDU311 Comparative Education (3CH)
EDU312 Content Course lll (2CH)
EDU313 Content Course IV (3CH)
EDU314 Intro. To guidance & counsiling (3CH)
EDU315 contemporary Issues & Trends in Education (3CH)
7th Semester
EDU401 Content Course V (3CH)
EDU402 Content Course VI (3CH)
EDU403 Pedagogy l (3CH)
EDU404 Pedagogy ll (3CH)
EDU405 Research Methods in Education (3CH)
EDU406 Teaching practice (3CH)
8th Semester
EDU411 School Management (3CH)
EDU412 Test Develop. & Evaluation (3CH)
EDU413 Teaching Practice (6CH)
EDU414 Reseach Project (3CH)

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT