BS Chemistry  (HONS)

Eligibility: F.Sc or equivalent

1st Semester
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
ENG112 Study Skills (3CH)
ZOO101 Zoology I (4CH)
BOT101 Diversity of Plant (4CH)
RS101 Islamic studies (3CH)
CHEM112 Basic Inorganic Chemistry I (3CH)
2nd Semester
ENG134 Communication Skills (3CH)
Ps101 Pakistan Studies (3CH)
ZOO102 Zoology II (4CH)
BOT102 Systematics, Anatomy & Development (4CH)
CHEM112 Basic Organic Chemistry I (4CH)
3rd Semester
ENG334 Technical & Business Writing (3CH)
CS101 Introduction to Computing (4CH)
MATH105 Mathematics for Chemistry (3CH)
CHEM212 Basic Inorganic Chemistry II (4CH)
CHEM233 Basic Physical Chemistry I (4CH)
4th Semester
STAT101 Statistics (3CH)
MS112 Principles of Management (3CH)
SWS103 Social Work & Human Behavior (3CH)
CHEM234 Basic Phyical Chemistry II (4CH)
CHEM222 Basic Organic Chemistry II (4CH)
5th Semester
CHEM301 Physical Chemistry I (4CH)
CHEM302 Organic Chemistry I (4CH)
CHEM303 Inorganic Chemistry I (4CH)
CHEM304 Analytical Chemistry I (3CH)
CHEM305 Bio Chemistry I (4CH)
6th Semester
CHEM310 Physical Chemistry II (4CH)
CHEM311 Organic Chemistry II (3CH)
CHEM312 Inorganic Chemistry II (4CH)
CHEM313 Analytical Chemistry II (3CH)
CHEM314 Bio Chemistery II (4CH)
7th Semester
CHEM411 Specialization Paper I (3CH)
CHEM412 Specialization Paper II (3CH)
CHEM413 Specialization Paper III (3CH)
CHEM493 Lab-I (1CH)
CHEM491 Senior Design Project I (3CH)
8th Semester
CHEM414 Specialization Paper I (3CH)
CHEM415 Specialization Paper II (3CH)
CHEM416 Specialization Paper III (1CH)
CHEM494 Lab-II (1CH)
CHEM492 Senior Design Project II (3CH)

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT