BS English (HONS) 

Eligibility: F.A / F.Sc or equivalent

1st Semester
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
SYC107 Human Psychology (3CH)
BENG101 Introduction to Literature I (3CH)
BENG102 Language I (3CH)
BENG103 Language Skills (3CH)
BENG104 History of English Literature I (3CH)
2nd Semester
BENG107 Introduction to English Literature II (3CH)
CS101 Coputer Fundamentals (3CH)
BENG102 Language II (3CH)
BENG109 History of English Literature II (3CH)
SSC103 Islamiat & Pakistan Studies (3CH)
3rd Semester
MGT200 Principles of Management (3CH)
BENG201 Communication and Presentation Skills (3CH)
GEO207 Geography (3CH)
BENG202 Morphology and Syntax 1 (3CH)
BENG203 Poetry I (3CH)
SSC210 Sociology (2CH)
4th Semester
BENG207 Phonetic & Phonology (3CH)
BENG208 English Literary Pros (3CH)
BENG209 Language Skills (3CH)
BENG210 Novel 1 (3CH)
RMT205 Research Methods & Techniques (3CH)
BENG211 Semantics (2CH)
5th Semester
BENG301 Literary Criticism I (3CH)
BENG302 Novel II (3CH)
BEN303 Morphology & Sytax II (3CH)
BENG304 Pedagogical Grammer (3CH)
BENG305 Poetry II (3CH)
BENG306 Visionary Discourse (2CH)
6th Semester
BENG307 Poetry III (3CH)
BENG308 Classics in Drama (3CH)
BENG309 Introduction to applied Linguistics (3CH)
BENG310 Lexical Studies (3CH)
BENG311 Psycholinguistics (3CH)
BENG312 South Asian Literature in English (2CH)
7th Semester
BENG401 20th Century Poetry (3CH)
BENG402 American Drama (3CH)
BENG403 Modern Drama (3CH)
BENG404 Modern Prose (3CH)
BENG405 Pakistani Literature (3CH)
BENG406 Translation Theory and Literary Studies (3CH)
8th Semester
BENG411 20th Century Fiction & Non Fiction (3CH)
BENG412 Emerging Forms of Literature (3CH)
BENG413 English for Specific Purposes (3CH)
BENG414 Research Project (3CH)
BENG415 Teaching of Literature (3CH)

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT