BS Physics (HONS)

Eligibility: F.Sc or equivalent

1st Semester 
PHY101 Elementary Mechanics (3CH)
PHY103 Waves and Oscillation (3CH)
ENG100 English Composition & Conprehension (3CH)
MGT109 Principles of Management (3CH)
MTH110 Callculus I (3CH)
PHY105 Lab-1 (2CH)
2nd Semester 
PHY102 Electricity and Magnetism -I (3CH)
PHY104 Thermodynamics & Kinetic Theory (3CH)
MTH112 Calculus II (3CH)
ENG204 Communication Skills (3CH)
SSC104 Islamiat & Pakistan Studies (3CH)
PHY106 Lab-II (2CH)
3rd Semester 
PHY201 Electronics & Modern Physics (3CH)
PHY203 Differentials Equation I (3CH)
PHY203 Electicity & Magnestism II (3CH)
CS300 Introfduction to Computer (3CH)
ENG109 Technical & business Writing (3CH)
PHY205 Lab III (2CH)
4th Semester 
PHY202 Basic Electroncs (3CH)
PHY204 Molecular Physics (3CH)
ST204 Probability & Statistics (3CH)
MTH210 Linear Algebra (3CH)
HRM202 HRM (3CH)
PHY206 Lab IV (2CH)
5th Semester 
PHY301 Classical Mechanics (3CH)
PHY305 Solid State Physics - I (3CH)
PHY303 Math. Methods of Physics - I (3CH)
PHY307 Electronics Devices and Circuits (3CH)
PHY309 Quantum Mechanics I (3CH)
PHY311 Lab-VI (2CH)
6th Semester 
PHY302 Math. Methods of physics-II (3CH)
PHY304 Quantum Mechanics-II (3CH)
PHY306 Solid State Physics II (3CH)
Phy308 ComputationalPhysics I (3CH)
PHY310 Digital Electronics (3CH)
PHY312 Lab-VI (2CH)
7th Semester 
PHY401 Statistical Physics (3CH)
PHY403 Classical Electro Magnetism I (3CH)
PHY405 Nuclear Physics I (3CH)
PHY Optional I (3CH)
PHY Optional II (3CH)
RMT411 Research Methodology For Natural Sciences (3CH)
8th Semester 
PHY402 Computational Physics II (3CH)
PHY404 Classical Electro Dynamics (3CH)
PHY406 Nuclear Physics II (3CH)
PHY Optional III (3CH)
PHY Optional IV (3CH)
PHY412 Thesis in lieu of Optional Courses (6CH)

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT