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Eligibility:F.A or equivalent

1st Semester
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
LLB111 English l (3CH)
LLB112 Pakistan Studies (2CH)
LLB113 Sociology (3CH)
LLB114 Fundamentals of economics (3CH)
LLB115 Fundamentals of economics (3CH)
LLB116 Skills development l (3CH)
2nd Semester
LLB121 English ll (3CH)
LLB122 Islamic studies/Ethics (2CH)
LLB123 Political science (3CH)
LLB124 Legal system of Pakistan (3CH)
LLB125 History (south Asia) (3CH)
LLB126 Law of Torts l (3CH)
3rd Semester
LLB211 English lll (3CH)
LLB212 Logic and reasoning (3CH)
LLB213 Islamic jurisprudence l (3CH)
LLB214 Law of torts ll (3CH)
LLB215 Law of contract l (3CH)
LLB216 Constitutional law (UK) (3CH)
4th Semester
LLB221 Human right law (3CH)
LLB222 Constitutional law ll (US) (3CH)
LLB223 Law of contract ll (3CH)
LLB225 Islamic jurisprudence ll (3CH)
LLB225 Introduction to Psychology (3CH)
5th Semester
LLB311 Jurisprudence l (3CH)
LLB312 Constitutional Law lll (Pakistan) (3CH)
LLB313 Islamic personal law l (3CH)
LLB314 Criminal law l (3CH)
LLB315 Law of property (3CH)
6th Semester
LLB321 Jurisprudence ll (3CH)
LLB322 Law Business Organization (3CH)
LLB323 Islamic personal law ll (3CH)
LLB324 Criminal law ll (3CH)
LLB325 Land Laws (3CH)
7th Semester
LLB411 Public international law l (3CH)
LLB412 Constitutional Develop in Pak (3CH)
LLB413 Civil procedure l (3CH)
LLB414 Criminal procedure l (3CH)
LLB415 Law of evidence l (3CH)
LLB416 Legal drafting l (3CH)
8th Semester
LLB421 Public international law ll (3CH)
LLB422 Equity and specific relief (3CH)
LLB423 Civil procedure ll (3CH)
LLB424 Criminal procedure ll (3CH)
LLB425 Law of evidence ll (3CH)
LLB426 Legal drafting ll (3CH)
9th Semester
LLB511 Research Methods (3CH)
LLB512 Minor Acts (3CH)
LLB513 Elective l (3CH)
LLB514 Elective ll (3CH)
LLB515 Moot cases & Professional Ethics (3CH)
10th Semester
LLB521 Administrative law (3CH)
LLB522 Interpretation of statutes & Legislative drafting (3CH)
LLB523 Research project (3CH)
LLB525 Elective lll (3CH)
LLB525 Elective IV (3CH)

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