Eligibility: After B.A/B.Sc./B.Com 2 Years

1st Semester
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
MTH300 Business Math & Statistics (3CH)
MKT303 Principles of Marketing (3CH)
ACC301 Financial Accounting (3CH)
ECO311 Principles of Economics (3CH)
ENG 302 Business Communication (3CH)
MGT304 Principles of Management (3CH)
2nd Semester
CS300 Introduction to Computer (3CH)
FIN300 Financial Management (3CH)
MKT301 Marketing Management (3CH)
HRM 302 Human Resource Management (3CH)
ACC302 Cost and Management Accounting (3CH)
RMT306 Business Research Methods (3CH)
3rd Semester
FIN309 Islamic Financing System (3CH)
FIN400 Auditing Advance (3CH)
MGT307 Project Management (3CH)
BNK403 Banking Law and Practices in Pakistan (3CH)
ECO402 Managerial Economics (3CH)
MGT313 Human Behavior (3CH)
4th Semester
FIN308 Financial Statement Analysis (3CH)
MGT400 International Business (3CH)
LAW414 Bunisness Law (3CH)
MGT306 Strategic Management (3CH)
MGT411 Operations Management (3CH)
5th Semester
MGT500 Organizational Behavior Adv (3CH)
MGT501 Operations Research Adv (3CH)
MGT502 Entrepreneurship Adv (3CH)
Finance Specialization Adv
ACC501 Managerial Accounting Adv (3CH)
FIN504 Corporate Finance Adv (3CH)
HRM Specialization
HRM505 Labor Laws Adv (3CH)
HRM506 Training & Development Adv (3CH)
Marketing Specialization
MKT507 Sales Management Adv (3CH)
MKT508 Advertising Adv (3CH)
6th Semester
ECO407 Econometrics Applied (3CH)
MGT510 Corporate Governance (3CH)
Finance Specialization
FIN511 Financial Markets & Institutions (3CH)
FIN512 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Adv (3CH)
FIN513 International Finance Adv (3CH)
HRM Specialization
HRM514 Change Management Adv (3CH)
HRM515 Compensation Management Adv (3CH)
HRM516 Performance Management Adv (3CH)
Marketing Specialization
MKT517 Brand Management Adv (3CH)
MKT518 Public Relations Adv (3CH)
MKT519 Consumer Behavior Adv (3CH)
7th Semester
Research Thesis

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT