Political Science

Eligibility Criteria:
1. MA in IR / Political Science, Pak Studies, LLB, MA (DS) in second division or CGPA 1.5 and above
2.  Passing of GRE type entry test and interview supervised by the Admission Committee are compulsory
Scheme of Studies:
Course Work: 24 CH
Thesis: 6 Credit Hours
1st Semester
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
RMT501 Research Methodology (4CH)
PS502 Evaluation and History of Civilization (4CH)
PS503 Strategies of Good Governance (4CH)
PS504 Constitutional Development in Pakistan (4CH)
GEN505 Computer Literacy (Non-Creditable) (4CH)
2nd Semester
PS525 Theories of Comparative politics (4CH)
PS526 Economy of Pakistan (4CH)
PS527 Political Development and Social Change (4CH)
PS528 Dynamics of Social Change in Pakistan (4CH)
PS521 Public Policy Analysis (4CH)
IR506 Foreign Policy of Major Power (4CH)
PS529 New Public Management (4CH)
IR530 Pakistan in World affairs (4CH)
IR531 Pre-Emptive Wars and prospects of International Peace (4CH)
IR514 Public International Law (4CH)
IR507 Politics of International Economics relations  (4CH)
IR515 International and Regional Organizations (4CH)
IR519 Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (4CH)
IR517 Globalization and Emerging Economics (4CH)
IR516 Dynamic of Muslim World  (4CH)
PS532 Seminar Course(3 CH) (4CH)
PS533 Guided/Independent Research Studies(3 CH) (4CH)
PS522 Philosophy of Social Sciences (4CH)
IR523 Arms Control and Disarmament

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT