M.Sc Botany

Eligibility: B.Sc with Botany or equivalent

1st Semester
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
BOT301 Diversity of Vascular Plants (3CH)
BOT302 Psychology & Bryology (3CH)
BOT303 Anatomy of Vascular Plants (3CH)
BOT304 Plant Ecology I (3CH)
BOT305 Plant Physiology I (3CH)
2nd Semester
BOT306 bacteriology and Virology (3CH)
BOT307 Biometry (3CH)
BOT308 Plant Systematics (3CH)
BOT309 Genetics I (3CH)
BOT310 Plant Biochemistry I (3CH)
BOT311 Research Mrthodology for Natural Sci. (3CH)
3rd Semester
BOT401 Molecular Biology (3CH)
BOT402 Mycology & Plant Pathology (3CH)
BOT403 Plant Biochemistry II (3CH)
BOT404 Plant Ecology ii (3CH)
BOT405 Plant Physiology (3CH)
4th Semester
BOT406 Environmental Biology (3CH)
BOT407 Bio Diversity & Conservation (3CH)
BOT408 Genetics II (3CH)
BOT409 Metdicinal Plants and their conservation (4CH)
BOT410 Research Thesis / Project (4CH)

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT