M.Sc Physics
(2- Year / 4 SEMESTERS)

Eligibility: B.Sc with Physics and Mathematics or equivalent

1st Semester
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
PHY301 Classical Mechanics (3CH)
PHY303 Electroncs (3CH)
PHY305 Math. Methods of Physics-I (3CH)
PHY307 Atomic & Molecular Physics (3CH)
ENG313 Functional English (2CH)
PHY309 Lab-I (2CH)
2nd Semester 
PHY306 Math. Methods of Physics-II (3CH)
PHY308 Quantum Mechanics-I (3CH)
PHY302 Computational Physics (3CH)
PHY304 Nuclear Physics (3CH)
ENG314 Functional English II (2CH)
PHY310 Lab II (2CH)
3rd Semester 
PHY401 Statistical Mechanics (3CH)
PHY403 Quantum Mechanics II (3CH)
PHY407 Solid State Physics (3CH)
PHY405 Electro Magnetism I (3CH)
PHY409 Electronic devices &Circuits (3CH)
PHY411 Lab III (2CH)
4th Semester 
PHY402 Lasers (3CH)
PHY404 Electro Magnetism II (3CH)
PHY406 Solid stste Physics II (3CH)
PHY408 Digitral Electronics (3CH)
PHY410 Medical Physics (3CH)
PHY412 Lab-IV (2CH)

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT