MS Computer Science

Eligibility: BS (CS/IT) 4-year or equivalent


Duration of Study: The MS/M Phil (Computer Science) program curriculum is minimum of 30 credit hours shall normally span two academic years of study, and the maximum period of study is three years. Special permission is acquired in case of any delay. This program comprises four regular semesters each of 4 to 6 months duration. First two semesters are reserved to cover the core and advance level courses in the area of specialization. The last two semesters are allocated to research work, which will include publication of research papers, seminars, and theses write up.

1st Semester:
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
CS506 Advance Algorithm Analysis (3CH)
CS512 Advance Theory of Computation (3CH)
RMT500 Research Methodology (Elective l) (3CH)
CS Elective ll (3CH)
2nd Semester:
CS Elective lll (3CH)
CS Elective IV (3CH)
CS Elective V (3CH)
CS Elective VI (3CH)
3rd Semester:
CS Research Thesis (Partial Registation) (3CH)
4th Semester:
CS Research Thesis (Partial Registation) (3CH)

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT