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M.Sc. Economics (2 YEAR)

M.Sc. Economics (2YEAR / 4 SEMESTERS)
Eligibility: BA/BSc. or Equivalent

1st Semester
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
ECO300 Micro Economics         (3CH)
ECO301 Macro Economics (3CH)
ECO302 Mathematical Economics 1 (3CH)
ECO303 Statistics for Economics            (3CH)
ECO304 Developmental Economics (3CH)
2nd Semester
ECO305 Mathematical Economics 2 (3CH)
ECO306 Econometrics    (3CH)
ECO307 International Trade Theory        (3CH)
ECO308 Public Sector Economics and Fiscal Policy (3CH)
ECO309 Monetary Policy (3CH)
3rd Semester
ECO400 Microeconomic Analysis (3CH)
ECO401 Macroeconomic Analysis (3CH)
ECO402 Managerial Economics (3CH)
ECO403 Managerial Economics (3CH)
ECO404 Industrial Economics (3CH)
4th Semester
ECO405 General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics (3CH)
ECO406 Issues in Pakistan Economy      (3CH)
ECO407 Applied Economics (3CH)
ECO408 Open Economy in Macro Economics    (3CH)
ECO409 Research Theses in Economics  (3CH)

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Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT