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Ph.D International Relations

Eligibility: M.Phil or Equivalent in related Subjects

1. Students acquiring 3.0 CGPA or above in the M.Phil/MS may apply for conversion of M.Phil/MS into Ph.D.
2. Passing of GRE type entry test (International)and interviewsupervised by the Admission Committee are compulsory
Course Work: 18 Credit Hours
Scheme of Studies:
Thesis/Dissertation: 9 Credit Hours
Course work
Cource Code Cource Name Credit Hrs
RMT701 Research Methodology
IRT702 History and Spirit of IR
HIS703 Evolution and History of Human  Civilizations
IR704 Contemporary International Thoughts
IR705 Philosophy of Social Sciences
Note: Any of the above course which has been passed in M.Phil course work, will not be taken by the scholar in Ph.D
Seminar Courses
IR732 Terrorism: A New Phenomenon
IR733 Environmental Issues and World Politics
IR734 Democracy Through War and Violence
IR735 Democratization of Muslim World: Internal and External Impediments
IR736 Enlightened Moderation: Is it way to bridge the gap between civilizations or a way to surrender to the socio-cultural domination of the West
IR737 Water Wars
IR738 Free Trade: A Source of Development or a Source of Desperation and Poverty for the Developing World
IR739 Multinational Companies: A new form of colonialization
IR740 Colonialization
IR744 Refugee Politics
IR742 UN Reformation: Predicament and Prospects
IR743 Gender Issue in World Politics
IR744 India-US-Israel Nexus and its Impacts on the security of South Asia
IR745 Central Asia in World Politics: A New Great Game
IR746 Post-Cold War World arrangements: New Players, New Directions and Dynamics
IR747 Post 9/11 Muslim World
IR748 Role of Madaris in the Civilization/ Intellectual Grooming of Ummah 
IR749 World Power and Exploitation of Natural Resources of the Developing World
IR750 Increasing Poverty/Debts in the Developing World and Role of International Financial Institutions
IR751 WTO and its Impacts on the 3rd World, especially Agri-Trade
IR752 Globalization: A new way to socio-economic and politico-cultural dominance 
IR753 Gawadar Port: Strategic Importance and Emerging Politics
IR754 Pakistan-Israel Relations: Critical Analysis
IR755 Pakistan Afghanistan Relations: Emerging Scenario
IR756 Human Rights Violation in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Parts of the World
IR757 Privatization and Economic Development in Pakistan
IR758 Politics f Basic Democracies in Pakistan
Elective Courses
IR706 Foreign Policy Analysis (4CH)
IR707 Contemporary Muslim Thoughts (4CH)
IR708 International Politics of Asia (4CH)
IR709 International Politics of Africa (4CH)
IR710 International Politics of America (4CH)
IR711 International Politics of Europe (4CH)
IR712 Human Rights and Humanitarian Law-Situational Analysis (4CH)
IR713 United Nations (UN): Reforms, Performance, Appraisal, Problems and Prospects (4CH)
IR714 Diplomacy and Environmental Issues (4CH)
IR715 Foreign Policy of Major Powers (4CH)
IR716 Politics of International Economic Relations (4CH)
IR717 International Politics of the Middle East (4CH)
IR718 Diplomacy (4CH)
IR719 Indo-Pak Relations (4CH)
IR720 Afghanistan in Regional and World Politics (4CH)
IR721 Defense and Strategic Studies  (4CH)
IR722 Nuclear Non Proliferation (4CH)
IR723 Preemptive Wars and the Prospects of IR (4CH)
IR724 Public International Law (4CH)
IR725 International and Regional Organizations (4CH)
IR726 Dynamics of the Muslim World  (4CH)
IR727 Globalization and Emerging Economic Order (4CH)
IR728 Evolution of Economic Thought (4CH)
IR729 Guided Research Study (4CH)
IR730 New Concepts in IR (4CH)
IR731 Contemporary International Issues (4CH)

Dean of Faculties

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Dean, Faculty of Sciences and IT