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The Sciencetech

(An International Journal of Research)

It is a Multidisciplinary Science Journal of Qurtuba University of Science & IT. Today Science and Technological knowledge advances through rich and scholarly discussion. In today’s world, digital tools allow us to take that dialogue online as well as in print form. To chart a new future for creating opportunities for researches and publishing, the alternatives to the core features of the legacy print publishing system must be considered. Research journals have their strengths, however, the traditional approach of selecting articles before publication forces us to select "the right journal". This can be delay dissemination of scientific work, create opportunity costs for pushing science forward, and promote undesirable behaviors among scientists and the institution that evaluate them. It is believed that minimum time approach will be used to publish a research article using state of art tools of IT. The Sciencetech (An International Journal of Research) of Qurtuba University is the right answer to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary prospect research community.